A life-long 4-H’er’s take on the Vegan News video calling 4-H child abuse.

In case you haven’t seen the video circulating around social media, in which a (presumed) vegan is calling the 4-H and FFA programs child abuse that “Strips the compassion from children’s hearts and turns them into rock solid stone”. In case you haven’t, I’ll save your brain cells and break it down for you.

Buckle up.

First off, I have been involved in the 4-H program in all facets from the age of eight. I not only showed horses, pigs, and chickens at our county fair, but also took part in MANY of the other things the 4-H program has to offer. I started off in communication arts contests, which taught 4-H members public speaking and interview skills. I did quilting, baking, woodworking, wildlife, shooting sports, dog training, vet science, food preservation, computer science, photography, and many more events with 4-H.
I was a county ambassador in my hometown for two years, a state ambassador for North Dakota 4-H for four years, and am now working towards my Master’s degree in Extension Education focusing on Human Development and Family Sciences. What would I like to do with this? Be a county or state 4-H Extension Agent of course.
The video starts off with this young man sitting on a couch asking “Jerry” his Polish chicken (which I raised and showed in 4-H. Beside the point.) to talk about 4-H.

First out the gate? The words “4-H is a terrorist organization”.

I’m sorry, what? 
First fact to prove wrong. He says that 4-H is put on by the FFA program. While FFA is similar to the 4-H program, 4-H is actually put on through land-grant universities and their Extension Education programs.
Next fact up? “The purpose of the 4-H program is to brainwash children into losing their compassion for animals, by forcing them to be seen as objects instead of individuals”.
Obviously he didn’t do his research or see the 4-H motto, which reads,

“To make the best, better”

Obviously here is an example of yet another vegan who didn’t do his research before spouting off a video about 4-H abusing children and forcing them to kill animals.
He claims that the 4-H projects start this process early on by loaning out animals for the members to work with and show. Yes. The 4-H program does loan out animals to youth who don’t have the means to raise their own.
Where he lost me however was saying that they also force the parents to incur financial hardships with a $1,200 loan, meant to procure the animals sale and death. He provides some sketchy looking documentation for “validity”. He then says this loan program is responsible for the parents having to repay the loan or have their credit score be hurt.

Does he know how loans work?

“It is the 4-H programs way of making sure that even if the child doesn’t fall for the brainwashing during the entire process at the very end, that they make sure the parents abide unless they have $1,200 to lose.”

He got one thing right, Insidious and disgusting are the words I would use for his common sense, or lack thereof.
THEN the kicker is the photo display of obviously proud FFA and 4-H members with their award earning livestock projects. Saying how they have bonded, named, and “gone through and pointed out the cuts of meat on the animals they named and are loving”.
It’s an education and leadership program. Of course they EDUCATE. Not a doubt in my mind the 4-H members know more about animal health and care than you do.

Then he says that breaking children’s heart like this is what creates serial killers. Huh. I didn’t know that Ted Bundy or Jeffery Dahmer raised show animals in 4-H. Must have missed that one on the news.

Sociopaths and psychopaths obviously all were forced to sell their show hogs at the end of the summer fair. *Heavy Sarcasm*
He goes on to say that this program using these tactics to create people who will not see animals as individuals.
*cue more photos of crying child loading their show animals into trailers*
Rounding out his rant on these “serial killer” raising programs? Calling for education on agricultural practices such as plant breeding, aquaponics, and new vegetable raising techniques.
SURPRISE SIR 4-H already does that.
In fact, most counties have crop and land judging teams that teach youth to view our agriculture and field practices critically, in order for members to know the best in grains and land. Members exhibit horticulture projects, do demonstrations on crop raising practices, and learn about plant diseases and health.
*Cue vegan rant about animal agriculture destroying our bodies and our planet and 4,000 animal lives a F%$@ second*

“This is why 4-H is a terrorist organization”
All in all this seemed like a radical take on a well-loved organization solely for the purpose of sharing an agenda against animal agriculture, and accusing a leadership program of child abuse and terrorism.
The fact of the matter is that not every 4-H member even has an interest in exhibiting livestock. Guess what? No one in the program forces them. They are free to pursue whatever their interest areas are, whether wildlife or woodworking or baking or photography or speech and leadership contests.


4-H youth are some of the most dedicated, hardest working, most moral group of people I’ve ever met. Every time I judge a livestock show, or a county fair, they blow me away with their showmanship and projects. THAT is why the 4-H program is one of the best youth leadership programs out there.
As always, make sure to get your facts right, or somewhere will get them right for you.
Sincerely, an apparent serial killer made from the 4-H program.


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