IMG_3708Many of us who are working on graduating college soon and turning into “real” adults in the workforce have many doubts and worries about themselves and their potential careers.

When we are searching for jobs, applying for anything we are qualified for and might potentially like, students around us have already been hired.

“Is there something wrong with us? EVERYONE else has a job already! Did we not get a good enough GPA, not be in enough activities, or not network with professionals enough to be hired before we graduate?”

In reality, there isn’t anything wrong with us.

We are not the only ones searching for jobs, trying to start a new career, relocate to a new city, and not the only ones who worry about where we will go after college.

This past fall semester I had applied for several internships not being sure about my official graduation date. I had a couple interviews and was even offered a great internship with one of my favorite agriculture magazines. It would have been my dream summer job. Last year, if I was a Junior. I didn’t want to commit myself by accepting this internship in December, and potentially losing out on a full-time opportunity if my dream job was to come available between December and May .

I hesitantly turned it down, hoping for the best.

I was kicking myself for the next couple weeks, wondering if I really did the right thing, or if I just screwed myself over by turning down the only offer I had.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I was at a National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Professional Development Conference in Ohio, sharing this experience to the national president Lea after our day’s activities were completed.

I was shocked and so surprised to hear that Lea had almost the exact same story of turning down an internship, and was also worried that she was the only one who did this! We both were able to share our concerns and learn that we both had turned down our only opportunity in hopes for something better.

What is the underlying story behind all of this?

It means that even though it feels like we are the only ones with no job, feeling stuck in our college town, or thinking we will have to move back in with our parents, we aren’t.

Every time we feel alone in a struggle or difficulty, there is a very good chance that someone else close to us is feeling the exact same way.

Connecting with those around us and sharing our concerns and apprehensions can help to calm our fears. I was terrified about turning down any opportunity that was offered to me, and when I found out someone in a position I respected had done the same thing, I realized that it would all work out eventually and there was a reason I turned it down.

Just because we are uncertain of our future, doesn’t mean that we will have a bad career. None of us know what will happen, we just need to have faith and know that it will work out the way it is meant to be.

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