Grow your Graditude

2020 has been a YEAR.

We could all focus on the negatives, the disappointments, the hardships that happened to the world this year. Thousands of deaths, lay-offs and unemployment, being isolated and alone, cancelled weddings, events, sports games, and more, not seeing friends or family for their safety, sickness and mental health hardships, the list goes on and on.

While these events and the ones that directly impact you truly have made life difficult, we can always look for the little things that have been good this year. This is not to invalidate struggles from this year or to say that anyone needs to “get over it” and see the positives.

Gratitude is defined as “An appreciation for what is valuable and meaningful to oneself, a general state of appreciation and thankfulness.”

Research has shown that practicing gratitude can positively affect your life by keeping you healthier and happier! People who practice gratitude sleep better, are more energized, have stronger social connections, and feel better about themselves.

In a journal or notecard format, start writing down one thing that you are thankful for each day, and be sure to date your entries! If you choose to use notecards, keep them all in the same place, so you can look back on the great things that have happened over the time you’ve been actively practicing on growing your gratitude.

There is nothing that is too small or too insignificant to put onto your gratitude lists. Some of my recent entries have included:

  • The sun came out and it wasn’t windy today
  • I was able to put up Christmas decorations
  • FaceTimed with a close friend
  • That I get to go to the gym and run
  • That my family is healthy and well

Your list might look similar, or it might look completely different. All that matters is that you can take a few minutes each day to change your mindset to one of gratitude and thankfulness, even in a time where it’s hard to see the positive.

What better day to start keeping a daily gratitude list than on Thanksgiving? Start today, and start growing your gratitude!

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