So Finals has you stressed…

If you are anything like me final exam week just adds another thing to worry about on your to-do list. Beyond just getting them over with here are a few things I have begun doing to help ease my end of semester stress!

Stop pulling all-nighters                 

All this does for you is make you more likely to fall asleep during your exam. Skipping out on sleep the night before your exam is definitely doing you more harm then good. It makes your brain feel cloudy and confused, and you will probably not remember any of the things you tried so hard to memorize and potentially some of the things you learned previously. If you’re super exhausted and feel unprepared, read over the basics again and go to bed.

Take a Breather                                                                                                                              While this might be the last thing you want to do when your to do list is 10 miles long and you feel like there isn’t enough hours in the day, taking a quick 10 minutes snack break will do wonders. Get some coffee, walk a lap around the library, text a friend for a bit, just let your brain relax from the craziness of cramming.

Get some Exercise                                                                                                                 Exercise releases endorphins into your blood stream, making your mood a little bit better, as well as getting out your anxiousness and jitters from sitting still for so long. A quick group fitness class or some cardio will also help you focus once you get back to studying.

Know that there is more to college than your GPA.                                                        Being a perfectionist in college is hard. You want to be the best at school, feel great everyday, and look put together. Then it happens. You get a “C” on a test that can only be corrected by a perfect score on a final. While grades in college are obviously important, something that helps when you’re stressed about getting anything besides an “A”, is that “C’s get degrees”. You’re most likely in college because you want to start a certain career, and unless it is going on to get your PhD, getting a “B” in philosophy will not ruin your collegiate career. Try your best, but make sure not to lose your mind over that 4.0.

Hopefully these ideas will help you to keep your sanity this final’s week, and help you to start your summer vacation off right!


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