Creating your morning routine (That takes less than an hour!)

Wanting to jumpstart your daily productivity with a routine that doesn’t have you waking up an hour and a half to two hours earlier? Consider jumpstarting yourself and your day by having a streamlined morning routine! Get back to basics and personalize what you need to wake up your specific body and your brain.

Every morning routine I seem to find will take upwards of an hour, and usually includes meditation or reading in the morning. That for me is exactly the way to fall back asleep.

Here are a few things that I try to do to make it a bit easier to wake up refreshed and on time!

Stop hitting snooze!  

Guilty as charged. Hitting the snooze button is sooooo tempting and easy to just catch another 10 minutes of sleep, but in reality it is dragging you down and could potentially make yourself oversleep and then be in a late rush to get out the door to class in one piece.

Lay everything out the night before.    

From the clothes and shoes you’ll be wearing, to those textbooks and papers, laying things out or packing your bag the night before will take all of the uncertainty out of your morning routine. You won’t have to stand in front of your closet contemplating what to wear, you can simply grab it off the hanger and move on.

Have your breakfast prepared as much as possible the night before! 

Whether you like to eat a full meal or just grab some coffee, prepping the night before has saved me on multiple occasions. I put an apple, banana, and a granola bar on the counter next to my keys before I go to bed so that I am able to grab and go!

Get to bed at a reasonable hour. (Or at least try) 

While I am a night owl in every sense (Like writing this post well after midnight) I try to make it in bed with my lights and phone off by 11:30. Some nights I get to be by 9:30, other nights its 2 am. Getting to bed as soon as you can manage will allow yourself more time to sleep, which equates to a higher functioning morning the next day!

Realize you might never become a morning person.

It really isn’t for everyone. I spent the majority of my college career trying to be one of those people who woke up before the crack of dawn and was able to study, go to the gym, clean their house, look presentable, and catch up on the news all before 8 am. It still hasn’t happened, and it is possible that it will not ever be able to happen! I have come a long way from Freshman year where I would wake up a 8:45 for a 9 am class and put on whatever clothes I found on the floor and run out the door, but I still won’t be going on any sunrise runs anytime soon.

Make it yours and customize it!  

Similar to how other people and their morning routines did not work for me, mine may not be perfect for you! Take the ideas, and make it your own! Do you need to meditate or read in the morning? Allot that time for yourself! Do you LOVE the idea of watching the sunrise while out running? You go and do that!

Now that you have these ideas of how you can get yourself out of bed before you run late across town to work or class, try starting simple with waking up 10 minutes early and drinking your coffee sitting down. Get up and enjoy the day!

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