Thinking about dropping out?

It’s inevitable. You’re coming off of a fantastic spring break, one where you got enough sleep, got to see all of your friends from back home, maybe you even got to go on a trip with friends or family. Then it hits you. You get back to your college town, unpack and look at your schedule of classes this coming week. You start to have thoughts of “I should just drop out and get a job right now.” You continue to rationalize this thought to yourself. “I would save so much money if I didn’t have to pay tuition and student fees”. “I wouldn’t be so stressed if I didn’t have so much homework or class projects due”. The problem with this kind of thinking? You can get discouraged with yourself, and might even follow through with those desires and indeed drop out of college. If your life goals don’t require a 4 year degree, than drop out and go chase your dream career! Good for you to have the guts to follow your dreams and life plans!


For the rest of you whose goals include: going on to veterinary or grad school, becoming an accountant, working in research, teaching agriculture to school kids, or designing buildings as an architect,


There is a reason you have the dreams you do. Whether you’ve dreamt of being a doctor since kindergarten, or have recently found a passion in education, you were given those desires for a reason. School is hard. You have to be focused on what you want, and chase it with all you’ve got. When you’re studying for the third test of the week, and all you want to do is go to bed? Realign yourself with why this information will help you with your goals later on and keep going. When the most food you’ve eaten that day was some coffee and some old ramen you found in the back of your cabinet? Think about how when you get your dream job you can eat your lunch from the international flight going on your next work trip. When all of your friends got to go somewhere new and exciting for Spring Break but you stayed home to save money and work on homework? Think about how much you want to chase your dream of journalism so that you can travel internationally and be paid to do so.

This isn’t to guilt anyone who previously dropped out of college, it is to inspire the rest of us who might lose our last nerve to stay in school to keep at it. School is tough, but we’re tougher.

Always remember, graduation is less than four years away!

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